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Printing voron parts : shrinkage


New member
I'm the process of printing parts for a Voron Trident on my Ender-3 V2 Neo. Currently I'm still tuning my ABS Profile to get optimal results.
I'm mostly following the Guide from Ellis and encountered the following: Voron parts are designed with ABS shrinkage in mind. You do not need any compensation apart from a good EM tune.
I wanted to finish the tuning by compensate the ABS Shrinkage with the califlower from Vector3d. Does it hurt if i compensate the Shrinkage or is it just not that important?
Hi, tolerances and feature placement on VORON parts were designed with ABS shrinkage in mind. You do not need to scale those, print them as they are. You can potentially print those parts smaller or have different hole placement etc. if you use it.
Ok, thanks, savs me some time :D

Is there a further guide/resource on what to look for while printing the parts? I just found the official sourcing guide
Like which are the most critial parts to fit together, which parts should be printed first to check strength e.t.c.