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Any reason not to use ABS-GL for printed parts


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I am going to start printing parts for a V2.4. I'm looking a ESUN filaments. They make three kinds of ABS. Their "eABS-GL looks like it has the best physical properties.

It looks like the glass fiber makes the plastic even more heat resistant, about 20% stronger and about twice as stiff. Of course being stiff, it can break on impact but I doubt this is ab issue with Voron printed parts. The ABS+ looks to be worse in every way but the "GL" looks to me like the best option. The data below comes from the ESIUN web site. WHY??? I am thinking ahead to the input shaper. Most Voron printed have high a "peaky" respoces because they bend like springs. I think a stifffer printer would help.
Heat Distortion Temp (C)787392.7
Tensile Strength434051.3
Flexural Modulus117710732346.9
IZOD Impact Strength29427.2
Formbot is using 10% glass-filled ABS in their parts kits. So I'm sure someone has experience with both ABS and the GL version. But on the other hand, if it works better why is not everyone using it? Maybe simply because plain ABS is less expensive
Yeah, cost. I say use it, it will be better. The only other specs you want to consider is glass transition state, to make sure it does not get soft in the chamber temps you are printing at and shrinkage to ensure you have a good fit for all parts. Normally shrinkage is less with CF or GF but I recently built a Galileo2 out of PC-CF and everything was very tight and I should have compensated a little more for shrinkage.
Oh wait, I see Heat Distortion Temp listed, its very good.

I have never used ESUN so I can't comment on them. I like 3DXtech but they are also located in Michigan which is where I live.
Cost is a consideration, also not having a hardened nozzle. I might be interested in printing parts in glass filled, but I haven't gotten a hardened nozzle (yet), so I can't print that material.
I guess heat creep is another consideration - didn't CNCKitchen make a V0 with CF ABS and it just moved around the CF fibres and turned out to be a very bad idea in the end? Would glass filled behave the same way or differently?