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All Black Voron 2.4r2 350mm Formbot Kit


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This is a build log for my Voron 2.4r2 that is already "complete", but I figured that I share my build for anyone who might be interested especially now that I am doing a major upgrade. Please note that this is my first Voron build and this is more of my opinion.

My build was going to be all black - mainly because I started with eSun ABS max filaments (due to it's fire retardant nature and supposed higher strength vs regular ABS+) and I did not want to buy other ABS colour filaments I know I would not be using otherwise. So all black it is.

Model: Voron 2.4r2 350mm
Base: Formbot - Nov 2022 (purchased from their website)

When getting a kit, the common question is between a LDO kit or Formbot (yes other vendors also offer kits, but from my research these two stand out). In summary and LDO kit costs much more than a Formbot, but for me the deciding factor was actually the fact that the Formbot kit was a "BOM in a box" (a term I picked up from the Reddit page before it went dark) which was initially meant as a negative remark, but one which I view as a positive. Mainly because this means you do not need to flip between the official Voron manual and the LDO version. Building a Voron is hard enough and knowing which page to switch manual is just added complexity. Unboxing went fine and two gripes I had was:
  1. I wish the back, deck and bottom panels were ACM rather than Acrylic
  2. Formbot included some nylon(?) injection molded parts like the Afterburner, exhaust/carbon filter holder and Mini12864 Display. I rather they excluded these and just reduced the cost.
Oddly enough, Formbot had parts for a Z endstop and a pre-made Z endstop. Not sure what is up with that. The rails that came with the kit is usable - but then again I do not have enough experience to say if they are bad or good. The kit came with a lot of spare screws, heat inserts etc; so much so I thought I was missing stuff. One of the Z drive belt loops seemed excessively lose couple of months in when I had the chance to check them. Not sure if it was lose on install or loosened over the few months of use. The other 3 belts were ok though.

The whole build was interesting but (fortunately) uneventful. No short circuit, burnt parts etc. There were some missing printed parts that I was missing but the core build was done within 1.5/2 months. One thing to note is that I implemented mods from the get-go. This included:
  1. Stealthburner
  2. CANBUS (mellow fly-SB2040)
  3. Umbilical + Repositioned Y endstop
  4. Voron Tap
  5. The Filter - https://www.printables.com/model/334276-the-filter-for-voron-24
  6. Snap latches - https://mods.vorondesign.com/detail/9Rdnf5vD2oaJLmR7BpAuQ
  7. Sturdy Handles - https://mods.vorondesign.com/detail/EAM1ZiQJCUzXznvOA767w
  8. ACM deck panel - I could not get my hands on fire resistant ACM panels and had to use regular ones. But I would recommend you get those if you can.

I tuned the system per the official guide. And at the end I was getting Max acceleration of 5500mm/s2, reduced to about 3500mm/s2 for normal printing and Print speed of 250mm/s. The speed is limited due to Dragon HT hotend I was using which max out at about 31mm3/s. I purchased the Trianglelab T-volcano heater block and plan to test it with a Dragon HT and ST heat break. This should get me to 400-500mm/s print speeds. I am using Trianglelab ZS series nozzle which so far does the job. I also do no run the exhaust fan; because the "carbon filter" element supplied by Formbot is dodgy as hack. This combined with the fact that I live in a warm climate country (day time temperatures of 35C or higher) might have the cause of some melted parts such as the SB and Tap plastic parts.

I am currently in the process of making major upgrades to the printer. These includes:
  1. Bedpan - https://github.com/Midnite3DP/voron-bedpan
  2. GE5C mod - https://mods.vorondesign.com/detail/eB5T2RNQcYI4o6cilhpXEg
  3. Pin mod - https://mods.vorondesign.com/detail/C8XJJ0fBGfBFKQZctjKeA
  4. CNC Tap by Chaotic Labs
  5. Hidden cable belt cover - https://mods.vorondesign.com/detail/LzEFU0RDHXUarF7y69x2Q
  6. Angry Cam - https://mods.vorondesign.com/detail/RYpQW53mtem8Nj1JKqiSQ
  7. LED lights + Corner covers - https://www.printables.com/model/84735-led-strip-holder-for-voron-24 + https://mods.vorondesign.com/detail/zBJTvWc9vSnnQoDDP0hyYw
  8. VEFACH - https://mods.vorondesign.com/detail/aLS5rOxzGybD4FhVzCKNQ
  9. Moons (17hs19-2004s) to LDO (42sth48-2504) motors for the AB
  10. Self deploying fire extinguisher in electronics bay

If you notice most of these mods are more QOL rather than performance mods. Before year end I hope to install the following to focus more on getting better performance speeds especially with the Dragon HT+Trianglelab T-volcano which I am mostly limited to right now:
  1. 48v system for AB using the Mellow TMC5160 pro
  2. vz-hextrudort extruder + ebb36 + xol
  3. Self designed VOC+particulate/hepa filter
  4. VOC monitor
  5. BTT Smart Filament Sensor v2
  6. Light weight aluminium gantry + XY joint + AB drive mount
  7. Additional fans in electronics components bay and closure of most of the skirt's opening
  8. AWD (unlikely but it looks cool?)

So kids this is why I do not have money to do drugs.

My tips for new builders:
  1. Get a multimeter. This help confirm that you have done the wiring correctly and has helped me in more ways than expected.
  2. I would have liked to use treadlockers in the frame screws but the I am equally worried about the time it took to get the frame squared vs the treadlocker curing. Note that this is optional in the Voron manual.
  3. Consider getting an electric screw driver. The shear quantity of screws to be driven is something to consider as a matter of convenience
  4. Take your time with your build. I really enjoyed the build process and I liken it to an adult's Lego. There was instances where I did rush to meet some targets for the day (such as doing all 4 of the Z drives in one sitting) expect the build to take months. You probably will want to reconsider a Voron is you expect this to be a turn key solution.
  5. If you kit does not include wiring casings, get some. I cannot imagine ever getting the electronics bay organised neatly without it.

***I am either missing a lot of my build photos or did not bother to take much it seems.***