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Formbot Trident Learnings


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I don't know if this really qualifies as a build log; it's more of a pile of sticks than a log. Hopefully someone will find it useful.

  • The kit includes the the bracket for the power splitter pcb (3-6.stl) including the DIN clip. The DIN clip was way too stiff and just broke. I had already printed both parts in my primary color so I just used them.
  • The kit includes injection molded exhaust housing and lid. I used my own to match my color scheme. If your primary color is black you might skip printing those pieces.

  • The connector on the electronics bay end of umbilical needs to be depinned to get it through the cable glands
  • Use 25mm screws for exhaust fan, not 30mm like the manual says. I'm not sure where the discrepancy comes from.
  • The included VHB tape is way too wide - use 1/4" for exhaust housing, 1/2" for front door
  • The screws that came with the display were too short, I used M3x12.
  • Formbot's instructions for the Nevermore say to use M3x12 BHCS screws to install the bracket. The kit doesn't have those, but it does have M3x12 SHCS, which I used.
  • The Nevermore plenum cover STL Formbot provides doesn't have a big enough hole for the M3 insert for the plenum cover. The STL in the Nevermore Github appears to have fixed this.
  • I was short 2 M5x10 BHCS for some reason. I thought this was because the XY cable bridge would have used M5x16, but because it wasn't used, you need to use 2 M5x10 instead. However, I contacted Formbot and apparently there should have been plenty M5x10, but for whatever reason I was shorted. They sent me some more for the price of shipping.
  • The filament runout sensor doesn't work wired the way Formbot wires it, because the pullup doesn't work on gpio22. You have to depin the filament runout sensor wires from the connector, and put them in one of the included 3-pin connector housings and plug it into the Endstop connector, with the wires between GND and gpio24.
  • Voron Design's M8P Trident config file is for M8P 1.0. The M8P Formbot sent me was V1.1. They're mostly the same, but some pins have changed, so double check everything.

  • There were enough M3x12 SHCS included to use snap latches instead of the stock panel clips.
  • There were also enough extra fasteners for the ClickyClacky Door so I could use matching fasteners instead of the black ones included in the KB3D kit.
  • I also did the Inverted Electronics mod, which I highly recommend. No notes related to this kit in particular.