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Cant print with part cooling fan


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Printer Model
Voron 2.4
Extruder Type
Clockwork 2
Cooling Type
I have hit a dead end trying to troubleshoot this issue and would appreciate the help of the hive mind please.

Recently built 2.4 350mm with a Dragon High Flow hotend. Kit came with a 24v 50W heater and I did all my test printing with ABS and had zero issues.

Tried to print today with PLA and the minute the part cooling fan switches on (default, 100%), the temperature on the hotend plummets, causing a shutdown.

Power is showing at 100%, but the hotend just can't maintain temp, it seems.

Figured I got a bum heater, installed a loaned 30W heater, wired direct to HE0 on the Octopus - same thing happens.

If i drop the fan speed to 60%, the heater can cope (just) and I can print a benchy through to completion. Feels suspect though and I'm not wanting to compensate for poor build through slicer hacks if I can help it.

Has anyone seen this or something similar before, my googlefu has turned up nothing so far.

Thanks in advance!
If your heater hasn´t enough power, you need more 🤓

You could try it again with a 70W heater cartridge.

Silicone sock attached?