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Question Changed A/B Belts, Now Positioning is Lost During QGL.


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Printer Model
2.4R2-350 - Formbot Kit/SB2040-Canbus/Octopus-Pro/TMC-5160T
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I changed out the A/B belts on my 2.4R2-350, reset the TMC_Field SGT X/Y values, and after successfully homing All, the QGL no longer works? The printhead moves slightly off-center, accompanied by X/Y steppers making a high pitch noise, and then starts the initial (Z0 corner) check near the bed center. It then moves straight back and triggers they-stop as it's now completely out of position and I have to do an e-stop. Seems like there something not right with the Y-axis. However, homing and relative movement works fine (from Klipper menu, console, or touch screen), the QGL is just screwed up. Thanks in advance for any help!.....
Never mind, it turns out my run_currents were too low. I adjusted from .8 (set when I had TMC2209s) to 1.0 for the TMC5160. The change to the new belts must have been enough to trigger the need for the updated values. Maybe this will help someone else....