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Cr-6SE to SwitchWire


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I have one voron 0.2r1, other bigger size printer is the CR6SE, but it now just run the klipper FW, but some time the function doesn't working well, like Bed leveling.

Anyone try to convert it to CoreXZ mode voron switchwire?
I dont think the CR6-SE is within the spec of the base machine that is suggested for the upgrade due to the modified alloy profiles. Ender 3 V2 or Ender 3 pro are the named ones.

Now, this is my opinion and based on you wanting a Voron:

I looked at a conversion to my E3 Pro and found a second hand Switchwire (with the switchwire spec frame) for much less then that conversion would have cost me. In addition to this, not much of the Switchwire build is then transferable to the bigger 2.4 / Trident machines if you wish to go bigger - i.e tool head and some of the electronics so make sure 250 x 210 is what you want - I find it a little small in hindsight but it does have the quality of relatively quick bed heating for smaller projects.

There are a lot of nice 250mm sized machines on the market now so think about what you want to dump your cash on - 300mm and up is, to me, where the value in a Voron build really shines (and yes I do have 'bed' envy!). There are so many other options in that 180-250mm space. If you are sold on a Switchwire look second hand as quite a few (in the UK anyway) are coming up and prices are reasonable.
I could think that much work hour may need to spend when run this coversion project. Directly to buy a second hand voron 2.4 or SW may much less. I see a second hand Voron 2.4 just ask for 2000 RMB Yuan. My CR6 SE only could sell about 500 RMB Yuan. A Voron 0.2r1 about cost 1000 RMB Yuan.