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"Crash-Free" Nozzle Brush mod 😎


Hi, after assembling my Voron 2.4, I found and added a nozzle brush mod. That worked fine until I fat-fingered Klipper into crashing the extruder into that nozzle brush. The brush also knocked off my Euclid probe.
This is because the original nozzle brush mod that I used sticks up from the bed high enough to interfere with the extruder’s movement.

So I designed a nozzle brush that sits almost flush with bed - so the extruder never crashes into the brush 😎.
I have posted instructions and files here https://makerspet.com/blog/voron-2-nozzle-brush/ . You are most welcome to check it out!
Thanks for this, I’ve got a cleaning brush mod on my list of wants but haven’t yet looked into it properly. The couple I’ve seen seemed quite big and I don’t feel the need for a purge bucket either.

I will be trying this one, thank you.
I don’t feel the need for a purge bucket either.

I have one and it gets in the way of my klicky enough that I had to cut a slot in it. But without it I'd have little pieces of filament everywhere. I need to figure something else out, that's for sure.
My question on the nozzle brush options are how does the nozzle even get off the bed area to get to it? Doesn't the bed area correspond to the toolhead area?
No, the toolhead can physically move outside the bed area. The main use is for the standard Z height probe for homing. It's also useful for nozzle brushes.
Claudermilk, how do I get the nozzle off the bed? I set the bed location exactly as per instructions and when my printer homes, there is maybe 1mm behind the bed before the endstop is activated. I have tap installed by the way.
Tap makes things more difficult. Since I've added it, I can now barely get the nozzle to the back of the bed. I've shoved the brush right up against the back of the bed, but it still barely catches the nozzle now. I'd rather have Tap than 3mm more travel off the back of the bed. I have print_end and cancel macros set to do a retraction for my Revo that pretty much prevents any drool. Any tiny bit I do get is squished out of the way when probing, and is removed with the KAMP purge line.