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"Crash-Free" Nozzle Brush mod 😎


New member
Hi, after assembling my Voron 2.4, I found and added a nozzle brush mod. That worked fine until I fat-fingered Klipper into crashing the extruder into that nozzle brush. The brush also knocked off my Euclid probe.
This is because the original nozzle brush mod that I used sticks up from the bed high enough to interfere with the extruder’s movement.

So I designed a nozzle brush that sits almost flush with bed - so the extruder never crashes into the brush 😎.
I have posted instructions and files here https://makerspet.com/blog/voron-2-nozzle-brush/ . You are most welcome to check it out!
Thanks for this, I’ve got a cleaning brush mod on my list of wants but haven’t yet looked into it properly. The couple I’ve seen seemed quite big and I don’t feel the need for a purge bucket either.

I will be trying this one, thank you.