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Custom build 24" x 36" printer

I posted a while ago asking about boards and controllers. Well I decided to go with the Octopus Max EZ board. I am also building a custom dual head extruder by modifying 2 micro swiss extruders. I am going to run them using Canbus. I have a Youtube channel that I post about building my Offroad truck but I am going to use it to follow the build of my new hobby. By the way I am going to build it with a 24"x36" bed. Im sure I will have lots of questions as I go forward with this. Any suggestions would be amazing. Here is the link check it out and let e know what you think

As we build a monster Octopus printer... The Kraken





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Hats off to you for taking on such a "big" project! I will be looking for updates or here to try and help in any way.