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Custom build 24" x 36" printer

I posted a while ago asking about boards and controllers. Well I decided to go with the Octopus Max EZ board. I am also building a custom dual head extruder by modifying 2 micro swiss extruders. I am going to run them using Canbus. I have a Youtube channel that I post about building my Offroad truck but I am going to use it to follow the build of my new hobby. By the way I am going to build it with a 24"x36" bed. Im sure I will have lots of questions as I go forward with this. Any suggestions would be amazing. Here is the link check it out and let e know what you think

As we build a monster Octopus printer... The Kraken





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Hats off to you for taking on such a "big" project! I will be looking for updates or here to try and help in any way.
Just wanted to touch base and keep you guys posted on where things are going. so far the frame is built, and I have started working on the x-axis gantry bar with supports. There is still a long way to go but for now, this is where I am at

I'm really liking this build. I gotta say, if you had mentioned you were aiming for a bed-flinger/Switchwire-like custom build, I would have had a much more positive outlook on the build, haha.

I'm excited to see how this progresses!

Video 2 of my build. Have some new ideas check it out and let me know if you have any ideas on the bed leveling part. im sure some of you have handled leveling problems in the past. any suggestions would be great