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Debian Bullseye symlink bug


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With regard to the symlink issue a post I read on Reddit said if you issue apt show udev and get version 247.3-7+deb11u2 then you have the broken package and it should be replaced with a backport version. I have just checked and I have the broken version but I am having no issues with symlinks in /dev/serial/by-id/. Does anyone know if I'm likely to get the 'cannot connect to mcu' error if I leave it? My system shows Klipper and Moonraker as invalid with the option to recover and Fluid and OS as out of date with options to update. As I am already at the affected level do you think wise to update all or just leave it alone. My printer is working fine so don't want to break it but also I do like being on the latest firmware versions. Is there any news if there is a fixed patch?

EDIT: Just seen the post by NoGuru. So do I just do just option A as I have a Pi based system. What about updating the rest?
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Yes, you are fine until you are not. Everything else can be updated but Klipper. If you get the error, you can still SSH into the PI and run the commands listed.
Unfortunately updating all but Klipper didn't work and it gave me the mcu connection error. I have fixed it by SSH to the Pi and copying what was under the by-path directory and changing the printer.cfg to reflect that.
serial: /dev/serial/by-path/platform-fd500000.pcie-pci-0000:01:00.0-usb-0:1.1:1.0 instead of by-id.
So if this fixes it why has it been said to replace with backport versions, change udev etc when a simple line change is all that is needed, or am I missing something here. Will I run into issues later, or maybe this won't work for CANBUS. When the patch is released will it be easy enough to find the ID again and change back to by-id or just stay with by-path. Cheers.
It does not "fix" the issue, it fixes your issue. It's a bandaid until the real issue is resolved.