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Default accent color?


New member
I have an LDO kit that I got from Matter Hackers and so far the build is going pretty well. However, I've had an issue with a couple of the "accent" parts that I need to fix. This is the Redish Orange color they print the ABS parts in - yes, I bought the parts kit. One accent part was missing and another was pretty deformed. I can re-print them on one of my Prusas in PETG but I'd like to match the color. Looking at the Matter Hackers site it appears to be one of the ABS build filaments just called red. Matter Hackers is trying to help identify the filament but I thought I'd ask here.

They have a Pro version of their ABS build filament but it's >$40 a roll so I hate to have it around if it's not right. Plus I've never printed ABS and the PETG replacement parts I printed are nowhere near as nice as the pre-printed parts I got from Matter Hackers.
I'd ask MatterHackers what filament they use and get that. You can print ABS on your Prusa, just put a box or something over it to hold the heat in and drafts out. I printed my entire Trident 250 on my Prusa Mini+ with the box it shipped in over it. Worked perfectly and nearly all of those original parts are still on the printer over a year later.
I asked Matter Hackers before I posted but they weren't too helpful. Of course ABS is no issue for my printers and the fumes are toxic. I'm really just trying to identify the right filament color. I'll call Matter Hackers and ask for replacement parts instead of the filament color, maybe they'll respond better to a complaint than a request for info.
Just FYI, the official accent color is made by KVP and is called Voron Red. Good that MatterHackers was able to get you the the matched color used by their supplier though so it will all go together.
OK, Matter Hackers finally got back to me after they checked with the person that prints their kitted parts. The Accent color is Red MH Build Series ABS Filament. So I ordered a roll plus a roll of black to get free shipping. Only $20 a roll.
I clicked on your link to the red MH build series. In my opinion it looks nothing like the Voron accent colour. Were you happy with the colour after using it? Only asking because I was looking for it too and have tried several different brands with no luck