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Double check before I order electronics


New member
I'm working on a printer, It's a bit of a custom job to use up parts I have in stock, but for the sake of discussion lets call it a Trident. I'll be using the SB+CW2+Tap (w/optical sensor on PCB), I will probably put a simple 12864 LCD on it but that likely doesn't matter here. I currently run an Ender3v2 with klipper on a RPi 3B and SB+CW2+CRTouch so I have a smattering of experience, but I want to go CAN bus on an umbilical for the new build. I've been doing some reading but think I'm starting to confuse myself now with all the different options and nuances involved so I want to double check I'm getting the right things before I order.

I was going to get a RPi 4B (2GB), BTT Octopus v1.1 w/TMC2209 drivers, and a SB2040. From what I've read the Octopus can handle the CAN bus duty but I've heard it can be better to get a separate U2C? It'll be a few months before the printer is ready to go but I'd like to get the electronics in hand so I have time to get that figured out. Anything else I need? Should I be considering something different for better features or future proofing? Thanks for any input!