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Dragon High Flow Hotend with 1.00mm Nozzle - Vase (Spiralized) Print Mode


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I'm having fun trying out different size nozzles with my Voron 2.4 R2 using the Dragon HF nozzle and a 1.0mm nozzle size. This isn't a fast print. It was a first try at making a water tight vase. I had to put flow up to 110% to achieve water tight print. The slicer used was Ultimaker Cura version 5.2.1.
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Very nice! Yeah I have used a lot of sizes but I have settled on .6 with all my hotends. For me its a good middle ground. I have a Zortrax with a .4 it it gives incredible detail at .14 layer height.
I also use hardened nozzles so I don't have to change them out unless something bad happens.
One nozzle I have not tested is the CHT.
I agree for parts I'm not worried about details, like embossed text, 0.6mm is a good working size. When doing Vase (spiralized) printing, I like to use at least a 0.8mm. My Tevo Little Monster Delta, with the Volcano V6 style of hotend, could not handle much more than the 0.8mm. The Voron with the Dragon HF seems to do well with 1.0mm nozzle. I tried to print with the 1.0mm other than vase mode and it failed. It will take a more tuning to allow it to work. For now, I'll limit its use for vase mode.
Today my .6 nozzle for the dragon arrived. Just when I dialed the voron in perfectly for the .4 :D

Looking forward to see more of the 1.0 nozzle on your dragon. Could be nice to print less detailed parts very fast.