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Help with pid tuning on bambu lab hotend


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Hello smart people. I'm building a Voron v0.1/v0.2 (v0.2 prints with v0.1 parts and some extra) it has been great and lots of fun. even before ordering the kit, I wanted a Bambulab x1c hotend clone. the reason for a clone was the high-flow nozzle. But I started with a v6 clone, which was bad and even then it didn't wanna pid calibrate very well, but after lots of playing around, I got it to work somewhat.

Anyway i got my x1c hotend, installed it and it seems to be working great, heats up stupendously fast, and feeds filament, but I for the life of me can't get the pid values right. i have done teens of tunings and it won't stabilise. from what I can read it's not only me that's having the problem. the thermistor is close to the heater and some other things. I have tried less thermal paste and more thermal paste. autotuning, manual tuning. it will hover around 219-223 ish when set to 220, the main problem is a print wont start because of it.

Does anyone have some ideas, or do someone have some pid values I can try? Any help would be greatly appreciated. (i have linked the log files below)


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It's a clone which means it will most likely be the cheapest possible parts. Maybe buy a real X1C hotend or at the least the heater and thermistor and put them on your clone.