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EBB SB2209 (RP2040) Multiple sensors, Voron Tap as proximity switch, BD Sensor as probe.


New member
I'm building a Formbot V2.4 kit for which I also bought some extras: an EBB SB2209 with RP2040 and a BD Sensor eddy current probe.
I'd like to have both TAP and the BD Sensor setup.
The TAP board is V2.4.1 so it supports both 5v and 24v.
The BD Sensor is 5V only, 5 wires just like BL Touch.

The SB2209 has 3 plugs I can use:
  1. X limit switch (5V, 3 wires)
  2. Proximity switch (24V, 3 wires)
  3. Probe input. (5V, 5 wires)
I'm interested if I can wire the TAP to Proximity Switch and the BS Sensor to Probe and use both. I'm thinking use the BD Probe for fast bed meshing and QGL but use TAP to get both automatic first layer calibration and as a fail-safe endstop if the BD Sensor fails. Anyone else tried something similar and can let me know if it works or give me pointers?
Beacon is releasing Firmware in the next few weeks that allow it to probe the nozzle. In other words, TAP will not be needed.
I've seen the new Beacon, it's impressive but I'm not interested in buying a new probe at this time. I just want to finish my 2.4 and maybe get my weird TAP and "Beacon" hybrid working :))
I'm curious about this, too. I have three endstops connected to my SB2209 for my mmu, but I would like to add a tap. If I could wire a tap to the spot meant for the proximity switch or the spot for the bltouch, it would be very helpful. I'm just not completely sure if it's safe to do.