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Electronics Up Top


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Printer Model
Voron 2.4 Pro CoreXY 3D Printer Kit with HDMI 5" Touch Screen
Hello everyone! I have been mulling around a new printer build. I have enough parts stocked up based on the prusa design for a few builds. I found the Vorona (;)"crow" in my native dialect) concept more fitting to my need of size and speed. I salute the founders that planted this Voron seed. I just got shipping conformation from Formbot3d for my Verona 2.4 pro 350mm w DHF nozzle. It's coming from Italy even though I placed the order with a "US warehouse". I also ordered the chaotic labs aluminum cnc functional parts kit. I figured being over 60yo (with brain damage) my mental motion train will jump the track and or uncouple a cars along the way of printing the parts. The time, cost of filament, and other factors contributed to pulling the trigger on the $350 investment. I have been researching/contemplating a CAN bus conversion and design change to the placement of the electronics level. For the CAN bus, I ordered the BIGTREETECH EBB 36/42 Can Bus U2C V2.1 EBB 36 CAN V1.2(G0B1) from Biqu. I should probably wait until I get my kit to find exactly what electronics come with it. Forbot3d's description is lacking and idk how accurate the BOM is. I also included a U2C V2.1 -3 CAN Output. I think this CAN bus upgrade is a big + for speed, stability, and wiring integrity. Now for the design change plan... I tend to overthink things, it's also been said that the Voron is over engineered. My thinking regards the frame and z motion construction. My plan is to divide and conquer the Z motor modules. Keep the feet and mounting plates on the bottom and move the motor modules to the top. When I watched construction videos, i felt that the corner connections allowed for a "weak link" with the tension of the Z belts acting on the upper frame corners. Also in anticipation of working on the wiring and electronics - having them under the machine is less than ideal. In addition, moving mass to the top of the machine will help in inertia affects of rapid printing. After all when the washing machine starts to dance across the floor in an unbalanced spin cycle, holding it down tends to keep it in place. It can be argued that the corner brackets holding the top panel will add support the "weak link" top corner joint, which it does, but I believe my plan will tame more than one crow. Thank you for the opportunity and I welcome any discourse. PS: I also have enough ceramic fiber insulation for the top and bottom of the enclosure.