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ERCF - MMU is configured for 6 gates, bu only 5 gates were found


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I have the following board: https://github.com/FYSETC/FYSETC-ERB

Using Happy-Hare 2.0: https://github.com/moggieuk/Happy-Hare/blob/main/doc/calibration.md

I'm still in the process of setting up the Enraged Rabbit and when I run MMU_CALIBRATE_SELECTOR
it says 'You configured your MMU for 6 gates but I counted 5! Please update `mmu_num_gates`

During the homing, it 'crashes' on the far right-hand side (opposite side of the limit switch)

Maximum selector movement is 116.5mm
Measuring the full selector length...
Searching for end of selector... (up to 148.4mm)
Measuring the selector position for gate #0...
Auto calibrating the selector. Excuse the whizz, bang, buzz, clicks...

I have the following in my mmu_parameters.cfg:
mmu_vendor: ERCF # MMU family
mmu_version: 2.0 # MMU hardware version number (add mod suffix documented above)
mmu_num_gates: 6 # Number of selector gates

Question #1 - How do I get it to correctly read all 6 gates?
Question #2 - How do I change the length of the 'end of selector' so it doesn't crash?
ERCFv2? That sets some assumptions about CAD geometry... hence the problems. All settings can be overwritten with config changes in `mmu_parameters.cfg`