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Evil noise on Trident


New member
Printer Model
trident 350
Extruder Type
Clockwork 2
Cooling Type
i've built a 350 trident from a formbot kit. Its completely assembled now but it is so loud I can't use it (its in the room next to my office). I expected it to be somewhat in the noise range of my other printer (Enclosed Ender 3 frame,linear rails with SKR2 and BTT 2209. The trident sits right next to the ender which I can't hear at all from the other room. There is heavy vibration on the toolhead at lower speeds, starting at about 25mm/s until 150mm/s. I ran some test prints, print quality is fine but needs some tuning. I get lots of VFA due too vibrations. When I touch the A/B motors while moving i can feel some vibrations but not very strong. The toolhead is vibrating much more, same for the belts. My assumption is A/B motor resonance in combination with enclusure resonance. Or maybe belt rubbing in a place I can't find

Use headphones or hifi for best immersion

printing a firstlayer at 30mm/s

things I already tried:
  • switch from spreadcyle to stealthchop (octopus v1.1, BTT 2209)
    • less vibration but horrible grinding noise at higher speeds, I've read that this is normal but my other printer goes up to 600mm/s stealthchop without issues on 2209
  • changing motors from formbot moons to new ldo
    • no change at all
  • checked belt paths for belt debris or any kind of rubbing
    • nothing found, everything moves freely without the motors
  • removed the lightweight cnc y extrusion from aliexpress
    • a little less vibrations in the y extrusion but same noise and toolhead vibration
  • reverted from TAP to inductive probe
    • better firstlayer,less wobbly toolhead, but maybe totally unrelated to the vibration problem, will investigate later
  • reverted to default panel clamps
    • a little less vibrations
  • put it on a 30kg block of stone and decoupled it from the desk
    • desk is not vibrating anymore, but still too loud through the door in the next room
  • increase and decrease of motor current
    • increase from .8A to 1A helped a bit, decrease to .6 made it worse, need to check motor temps on longer prints...
observations i made:
  • when moving the gantry slowly in Y direction by hand the toolhead is shaking a little in x direction (maybe normal, its my first coreXY)
  • inputshaper is around 50hz resonance, depending on belt tension
  • noise freuqencies measured with smartphone app are around 140hz to 180hz (very inaccurate)
  • side and top panels are resonating, if i put my hands on the side panels noise gets dampened
  • straight moves in y or x direction resonate most, diagonal moves a little less (except for stealthchop, there diagonal is noisiest)
  • VFAs distance is way less than 2mm maybe .1mm

Is coreXY generally more noisy on x/y movement than bed flingers?
Could this be a electronics problem?
Faulty drivers maybe?
(motor)cables running to close to each other? I had a similar problem on my cnc mill, resolved by using anti-interference capacitors, but in this case the movement was about movement not noise

Any Ideas appreciated


New member
I know its a delay. I was having the sound in mostly X and Y direction as well. The gantry wasn't spaced, and the rear Y frame wasn't near the Rear support extrusion.

2 things I did

Get the spacing down on the rear 2 to the appropriate distance (110mm, I am at 110.08-10 on both sides), and changed the motor Current from .8 (ldo config) to .9 . I think they swaped the motors, the motors on my kit are 2 amp, and I upped them a bit.