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Question Filament battles - What is you experience with 3dxtech ABS?


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What has been your experience with printing both for and on your voron.

Do you like the color selection?

Does it print well?

Any special considerations?

Is it worth the price?
Love the stuff and they ship fast.
I have it on my Voron and in lots of stuff I print.
Color selection is pretty good but could be better.
Prints great and price is very fair and competitive.
I would say I use it in 75% of my prints.
I've printed a few parts in 3DXTech's CF-ABS, and it's been great. I printed this large-ish (90mm x 130mm) part on my Prusa, in a Creality tent, which gets to <38C. It didn't warp at all, and looks great. The slight overextrusion is from me lazily tuning the extrusion multiplier.

3dxtech cf-abs.jpg