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Question Filament battles - What is you experience with ESUN ABS? (not ABS+)


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What has been your experience with printing both for and on your voron.

Do you like the color selection?

Does it print well?

Any special considerations?

Is it worth the price?
I've never had a problem with eSun, either in terms of printability or color. It's not always the prettiest in the world, but it works, and it seems to be pretty consistent in my experience. It is aggressively fine, but nothing special in my experience.

1) Most main-stream colors are available, but I haven't used a ton of colors.
2) It seems to print well, and is consistent batch-to-batch.
3) 265 deg, 110 plae, 55 chamber and I have had no issues.
4) The price is just about average for a roll of filament in my experience.
I have not tried it in a couple of years, but for me it was very hard to get prints on the edges of the plate that did not have corner warp.