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Question Filament battles - What is you experience with Fiberlogy ABS?


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Do you like the color selection?

Does it print well?

Any special considerations?

Is it worth the price?
Their Refill ABS especially Refill R ABS Anthracite are among the best prices I can find here in western Europe, non-EU country (Switzerland) through 3dJake. 20Chf per kg (~20.5€ / 21.5 USD) all taxes included with free shipping.

I've only recently tried the R ABS but printed as expected, very good consistency. Haven't ordered that specific reference on a longer time frame but it being a "recycled" (note the quotation marks because it's "recycled" from production scraps) I guess color can vary a bit.

And both of these references being Masterspool compatible is a big plus.

I've also tried their non-refill ABS which is available in more colors. Also among the cheaper filaments, nice deep colors and printing behavior.

Printing it at 265C hotend, 110C bed, 40% cooling on an afterburner with 50C ambient temp. Probably could get the cooling down a bit. Speeds are based on a tuned up Elis profile, 100-300mm/s speed, 4000-12'000mm/s^2 accelerations.

+ Limited availability as spool-less (masterspool)
+ Cheapest ABS, made in Europe
+ nice, deep but not too flashy / cheesy colors
+ always available when I needed some

- spooled filament are using way too much plastic and are dimensionally very different from other spools, can be an issue depending on your spool management system
- comes packaged in a non-coated plastic bag which doesn't prevent moisture from seeping in, requires drying before use.
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smell more that other filaments, anthracite under light looks ugly, it is like very dark green, printing on 260, diameter like premium filaments, R-ABS 0,75 kg is for 11,5 USD that is 15,25 for kg, better is buy Spectrum ABS, real black, less smell, less temperature for print and spool diameter graph online for every spool, for 17,25 USD for 1kg spool