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Question Filament battles - What is you experience with fusion ABS?


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Do you like the color selection?

Does it print well?

Any special considerations?

Is it worth the price?
1) They typically don’t carry a ton of colors, but will do custom runs for relatively low spool counts. So if you want somethings that’s out of stock, ask in the Discord and you can usually round up a “group buy” that they will open up and handle for you. Their colors are EXTREMELY saturated, and look amazing IRL. They have a more flat finish than most filaments, but aren’t the flattest around. Overall, amazing colors, but often have limited selection due to their volume.

2) It prints AMAZINGLY well!

3) I print at 265 deg C with a Revo volume limited at 15 mm^3/s. The layer adhesion isn’t the best with Fusion, and the plastic is slightly brittle, so I don’t recommend this for parts that need super strength.

4) Yes. This is NOT an every-day filament. It’s a show filament. The color and finish of this filament is among the best of the best.
I love fusion filaments, while the color selection is rather small compared to some other manufacturers, the spool to spool consistency has been spot on, no issues. Their high-sparkle filaments are fantastic to see, and print really cleanly.

I only have one issue with fusion, and that is I find that it can get rather wispy on big retracts (like the end of print) -- I sometimes have to clean a large hair off of each part at the end. Not a huge deal but it's not something I've been able to tune my retracts properly for, unlike other filaments
I'm running their Geomagnetic Mauve as the primary color in my next build and I love this stuff! The color is spectacular and this stuff prints so well. Easy to run and the parts come out top quality.