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First layer gaps after using Ellis' Print Tuning Guide (Voron 2.4 & SuperSlicer)


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I been using Ellis PIF SuperSlicer profile and have followed all the steps in his tuning guide. My printer is now printing pretty fast, and the print quality is great.

However, I have a new issue with the first layer. There are always gaps between the layer lines even if I set my fist layer height a bit too low and really mush the plastic into the bed. It's weird beause the top layers are always really nice with no gaps at all.

  • 3D printer: Voron 2.4 with :Tap and Stealth Burner, Dragon standard flow hot end
  • Filament: ABS
  • Bed: textured PEI
I have attched my print settings as well.

I’m not sure what is causing this issue, does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks for the help


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I have a similar issue happening where my first layer is under extruding for no apparent reason. I have manually bumped extrusion up to 200% on the first layer and it lay's down pretty nice like that and as soon as layer 2 hits, I have to set it back to 100%. I can of course increase first layer extrusion in the slicer but I don't know why its doing this.

Yours looks to be the same. Try and find out what extrusion rate your first layer likes but printing a large flat sheet and playing the the rates. I will be curious to see what you find.