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PETG, first top layer after infill

Hello everybody,
Any suggestions on how to improve this issue I have with petg?
The top layer after 15% gyroid infill has this tendency to tear through the centre areas, creating large holes. It then galls and smears shit everywhere This photo is using the ‘supporting dense layer’ included. I finally clear off the issue with 6 (!) top layers.
Appreciate that I’ll get the ‘increase infill’ comment. But I’d love to know if there is a non-brute force solution!

I am running a Voron trident, revo/stealth, using superslicer.
This is esun petg.
Otherwise the filament prints near perfectly. First layer is 🤌


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Another thing to check is temps. It may be running too hot (I think--someone tell us if I'm wrong).
slowing down was the result which fixed it.
I slowed down the ‘internal bridge’ speed and now no issues.
Note, trying to increase infill didn’t help.
I didn’t adjust temperatures in the end. (For me they remain at 250)


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