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First test prints on my first Voron 2.4 R2 build was success. But then sudden failure!

Printer Model
Voron 2.4 R2 300x300
Extruder Type
Clockwork 2
Cooling Type
Finally got my Voron 2.4 R2 finished yesterday.
After doing all the adjustments and settings I was ready for my first prints...

The first print came out perfectly and for the first time without using any add adhesion.

I printed ASA at 240/110 and just a tiny skirt around. No brim or glue or anything...and NO warping.

I printed 4 more prints with exactly same story.

Then at print no 6 out of a sudden I was not able to get the filament to stick to the bed. From not needing any adhesive to not getting it to stick at all....???
Instead it just curled the filament around the nozzle.

I tried doing the Z_ENDSTOP_CALIBRATE several time after a QGL but nothing helped...

I also tried raising the temperature to 250 but that did nothing eiher.

I was testing some extrusion with the toolhead raised to z=100 the filament came out fine in a straight clean line.
I did this several times between all the tests.

Now I have added a little very bad glue from a white glue stick to the bed and that seems to get it to stick. But the skirt is already gone. But I know that this glue stick is not very good.

In between the successful prints I cleaned the surface of the bed with IPA but I dont know if that can have caused the sudden constant failure.

Any ideas?

What surface are you printing on?
What is the first layer speed?
Are you heat soaking the chamber?
What slicer?
What nozzle size and first layer extrusion width?

What trying to get the first layer to stick its good to get the entire picture, hence all my questions. And sometimes you just need glue stick.
If you are using a textured PEI sheet try using a smooth surface if you can or vice versa.
I am using the textured surface of my formbot PEI sheet that came with the printer.
First Layers speed is 30
I have tried both starting the print right when the hotend and bed are hot enough and also tried letting the heated printer stay for 15 minutes.
I am using Cura and the Voron printer profile. With that I just use the 0.2 layer height as it is.
0.4 nozzle and same layer with 0.45 as it comes right out of that profile.

I totally understand your questions.....my confusion goes just on why it works so well on the first 5 prints and suddenly it fails badly..with NO changes in anything at all.


Forgot to mention that I am right now printing with glue and that works as long as I am very accurate in applying the glue where I am printing.
So it looks like it is just an adhesion issue.....but that would to me mean that the PEI sheets that comes with the printer wear off pretty fast.
I used the Formbot PEI for 6 months before replacing it so it seems unlikely to be bad already. Is it humid where you are? Maybe the filament needs to be dried out?.
Just throwing out ideas now as it does seem strange to just stop sticking.
Try washing it with soap and water, then use Isopropyl on the PEI. If I recall that helped me with my PEI sheet.
I appreaciate any input :)

It is Denmark. Here it is supposed to be winter but our temps are higher than usual...Humidity is higher also than usual...around 50 percent RH outside...indoor I have between30 and 40...
Not worse than usual...

I admit though that I usually keep my filament in vaccuum bags and have not this period where I have been printing parts for the Voron...so that might have something to do with it.

I am currently drying the one that was on the roller when it has been bad so I will see if that changes anything. I can try another filament as well...
Keep us posted. Also, you don't by chance have the fan turned on, on the first layer do you?
I had the same issue 2 years ago with the Formbot v2.4 350mm and Fysetc v0.2 PEI sheet.
No matter what I did, the filament did not stick to the smooth surface - tried glue or hair spray, some success with textured PEI, but it was inconsistent, until......
I bought some pei plate from onetwo3d.co.uk and printyplease.co.uk.
While I had a Z deviation of 0.5mm on 350 Formbot textured PEI, now I have 0.15mm with the other PEI sheet.

Since I got the build plates from the 2 UK companies, I have no issues with adhesion - except a few human errors -.
I know the IPA does a good job cleaning, but I have found that nothing beats dish soap, water, and brush to clean the bed. Rinse the final wash several times.

Also, after several heat cycles (prints), all printers start to settle in. I would double check the tension and offsets manually. I had a nozzles come loose, gantry screws come loose. All sorts of gremlins.