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Formal Stealthburner Announcement?


New member
Any chance of getting a formal "release" announcement for Stealthburner?

It would be nice to remove ambiguity.

.. and no I'm not being pedantic. :)
In what sense? On July 23, 2022 the release candidate was as formally announced as most of Voron is:

We're happy to announce that the first release candidate for Stealthburner and Clockwork2 is now published. Thank you all for your help during the beta test. Feedback we received was a benefit to the project. https://github.com/VoronDesign/Voron-Stealthburner

There hasn't been an announcement for final because final isn't there.
This is the first RC announcement I've ever seen from Voron.

Trident and (more recently) Voron Tap were presented to the public with a ("full") release announcement.