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Heartk Stealthburner 2 piece PCB wiring question


Hi everyone, got a quick question about HARTK STEALTHBURNER 2 PIECE TOOLHEAD PCB, hope this is the right place for this. I am trying to figure out the wiring connection for this thing and was not sure what to do with (HE0 V+) 24V and (PSU V-) GND wires. Tried googling it but found conflicting results.

I am using BTT Octopus Pro motherboard.

For (HE0 V+) 24V - Does this get connected to Octopus HE0+ or 24 volt of the PSU?
For (PSU V-) GND - Does this get connected to GND of PSU or to V- of PSU?

I finished yesterday my Voron 2.4 350. I connected TOOLHEAD PCB (HE0 V+) 24V, to HE0+ of Octopus.
The TOOLHEAD PCB (PSU V-) GND I connected to V- of PSU.
The PE PSU (green/yellow) has probably a connection to GND of all of the electronics, though I would never mix up primary and secondary wirings.