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Heatcreep Stealthburner Dragon HF


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I have my Voron 2.4 now for few weeks running, perfect prints. But after few hours of printing the nozzle got clogged.

To resolve this. I unclip the latch from the SB, remove the Bowden tube, the stuck filament is visible then.

When pulling the tube I can wiggle it a few mm, to resolves this I heat up the hotend to 240 degrees and I can manually push the filament through. After that is unclogged.

Because I can easily unclog the nozzle I am wondering what makes the thing clogged? I print with Extrudr DuraPro ASA on 240 degrees. The hotend fan is running correctly, is a sunon 24 v and my Bowden tube have no kinks or something. It often happens after 1-2 hours.

I have a Dragon HF hotend, 0.4 mm nozzle.

I don’t know where to start.
Are you PID tuned?
240 for ASA is very low. Is the filament temp tuned?
What speeds are you printing at?
Is the nozzle on correctly with no gaps?
What extruder are you using and do you have the correct current set for it?
-Yes, it is PID tuned
-Extrudr DuraPro says 220 till 250 degrees?

So what temp must i choose?

-speed is 100mm/s
-yes nozzle is correct, with no gaps
-extruder is the clockwork on the latest Stealthburner. 0.65 current.

What do you mean with Fillament temp tuned?
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When I say temp tuned I mean have you done a temp tower?
So the filament manufacture has a "recommended temp" area but your nozzle thermistor can be off by a lot as well so the best way to find the temp you need to print the filament at is a temp tower.

Maybe just try some other filament?
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So I fixed the problem, I replaced the HF for the Dragon ST. Now everything works fine. I print with low speeds and for that reason the HF got clogged.