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Question Heatsoak Macro


New member
I'm still kinda new to Klipper and 3D printing so I thought I ask if my idea makes sense before trying to learn how to write macros.

I want to make a Heatsoak macro which automaticly detects when the thermal expansion has reached it's equilibrium and should be called from / before PRINT_START. My idea would look a bit like this:

Heat Nozzle
Heat Bed and Wait until Temperature is reached
Home all
Move to a corner of the Buildplate

Wait 5 Min (maybe use delayed gcode to avoid freezing up the printer)
Compare the median of the last two measurements.
If the difference is below a treshold -> Start print
Else -> GOTO line 7

Is such a macro useful? Does something like this exist? If not, any help to write this is appreciated.

On a sidenote: There is usually a little blob / string of filament on the nozzle that oozed out. I usually wipe this off before Homing the axes as I'm afraid it will mess up my z-offset. Is there a more convenient solution?

Thank you very much for the help.
Here is my Preheat Macro, then I just add it to part of my Start_Print.

[gcode_macro PREHEAT]
G90 #set absolute positioning
G28 #home all axis

## Move hotend a sufficent distance from heated bed for heat soak
G0 X175 Y175 Z50 F3600
M106 S255 #set parts fan to full speed, helps circulate chamber air

As far as the blob on the nozzle, I have a scrub brush it runs to before the start of the print, purges, scrubs then starts.