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Hello There, I build Voron's and occasionally other things, Youtuber for fun

Thanks Nero for the all the help that you give to the community. Keeping pressing the like button and being a member is the best way that I have to keep supporting your work.
Big time thanks to you Nero for your build streams. Although I have experience building stuff, your 2.4 LDO kit build got the extra confidence I needed to order a kit and build it.
Many thanks for you Vid about LDO 2.4 build! Helped me alot with my build (y) Same for a lot of your other videos, they are very helpful! Sometimes I wish you would display better what you are doing but most of the times it's just great :D
Hey Taylor,
thanks for the countless hours of entertainment and information in your streams. You finally got me hooked on the VORON virus and never let go. Since then the printer family grows piece by piece. Looking forward to the next stream.
My first Voron build was a V0.1 and your marathon stream gave me the confidence to do it. Cheers, had for it a year now and it is printing like a dream.
Thanks Nero, I started watching when you built the switchwire and have been watching most of the vids since. Quite a journey. Now building an LDO Trident and have many parts for other Vorons to build more. Mostly your fault. And Steve's. :)