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Homing X gives up before reaching endstop switch


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I'll see if I can post of GIF or something of it later, but:

Unless I start with the X position close to the limit switch already, when homing X my 0.1 will move the toolhead in the positive X direction for about 10-20 mm, then give up and give me the error "No trigger on x after full movement".

So, I'm thinking it ends the last print and then somehow starts off with bad coordinates, so it stops at what it thinks is the limit but hasn't actually reached the endstop switch. Part of my reasoning is that it seems to work like it should when I start from a fresh Firmware Restart.

Could it be something in the PRINT_END code? Or maybe a rapid acceleration right at the end that makes a loose belt slip?

[gcode_macro PRINT_END]
# Use PRINT_END for the slicer ending script - please customize for your slicer of choice
M400 ; wait for buffer to clear
G92 E0 ; zero the extruder
G1 E-4.0 F3600 ; retract filament
G91 ; relative positioning

# Get Boundaries
{% set max_x = printer.configfile.config["stepper_x"]["position_max"]|float %}
{% set max_y = printer.configfile.config["stepper_y"]["position_max"]|float %}
{% set max_z = printer.configfile.config["stepper_z"]["position_max"]|float %}

# Check end position to determine safe direction to move
{% if printer.toolhead.position.x < (max_x - 20) %}
{% set x_safe = 20.0 %}
{% else %}
{% set x_safe = -20.0 %}
{% endif %}

(That's it for X)
What is your position_max on the x?
Also maybe something with microstepping or rotation _distance? Could be that the printer things it went 120mm when it went only half or something like that. 0.9 vs 1.8 degree motors.

Best to share your printer.cfg at least the x stepper part.
Is this sensor less homing or endstop switch?

Need to see your printer config.
Endstop switch. This only recently started happening (a week or 2 ago). I hadn't changed anything in my printer.cfg at the time. I upped my X amps a little after it started happening, but that didn't help. I think it may have started after I got a "MCU 'mcu' shutdown: Timer too close".

I'm attaching my printer.cfg, since the forum won't let me post more than 10000 characters. And I had to rename it to .txt. Grr.


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