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Inconsistent layer stacking on X axis

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Voron 2.4
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Just wanted to post this in case it helps anyone else.

I was facing some pretty bad layering inconsistency issues on the x axis.

On the Y axis it was perfect:
IMG_3080.jpegBut on the X axis it looked like the layers were being offset like the below.

Turns out the issue was bad Y rails. They were notchy on occasion causing the Y moves to jump slightly when taking the “corner” hence the miss alignments on the X.

No matter how much I tried racking, squaring and aligning the gantry, there was no material improvement.

Also replacing the extruder with a G2E made no difference. Also as the issue was only showing on one side of the model it could not be Z axis issues or extrusion issues for that matter.

Speed changes, acceleration etc made little difference.

Solution: Replaced with LDO rails which in comparison were buttery smooth. Also the before and after shots below.


So don’t underestimate how smooth the rails must feel even when under load. My old ones were smooth when the gantry was not mounted but the moment any load was applied to them they started misbehaving and being a bit notchy.

Hope it helps anyone that may come across the same issue and avoid weeks of troubleshooting!!
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What kind of rail? I have a similar problem with z banding. I think my rails are shot. They have 2000 hours. I’m thinking of getting some high end rails.
it was an mpx rail included in the kit. Had 0 hours on it, just happened to not be “great”.

What I’ve learned:
1. If the pattern is consistent across all axis- XY A & B, then it’s a z axis problem or extruder problem
2. If it is apparent on X or Y then it is worth investigating the opposite side rails (issue on X means check Y rails). As long as you’re sure your belts, squaring and racking is on point.

Ps. I don’t think they will wear out over time if properly lubed, the load on them is tiny compared to industrial uses. So before replacing them I’d give them a good clean and grease and check them for smooth movement.
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