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Infamous Mcu shutdown: ADC out of range

Printer Model
2.4rev C 350x350
Extruder Type
Cooling Type
I need help starting my first Voron. I'm really hitting a wall here.
I'm trying to start my voron and I always receive this message

"MCU 'mcu' shutdown: ADC out of range
This generally occurs when a heater temperature exceeds
its configured min_temp or max_temp."

I read through the documentation. Made sure that my thermistor was the correct one by browsing the E3D Revo doc.

I can't remember how many times I checked the cabling, the thermistor and the rest. I tested said thermistor with an extra I have on hand and still the MCU error.
Any help would be greatly appreciated

Included are my klippy log

Thanks in advance


  • klippy.log
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Looks like from your klippy.log file that you've defined almost nothing in your printer.cfg file. Please post your printer.cfg
Your extruder thermistor is reading -50something. This is indicative of N open circuit, aka, of it not being plugged into the port klipper is looking for
The 14P connector isn't plugged in all the way
could have something to do with something
Thanks shifttingtech!
That was the point of failure in my connection. the 14p was _almost_ connected on both sides (SB and the board) but not enough.

Thanks everyone for the help!
Cheers !