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Intermittent SB2040 (CAN) shutdown


New member
I've been running Fysetc Spider V2.2 + Extender (USB-CAN host) with Mellow Fly SB2040 without issue for a year; since the V12 update, I've encountered situations where the printer would shut down during mid print. Firmware reset does not restart the printer, but reboot on the OS does. Looking at the Klipper log shows timeout with the SB2040. Is there anyone facing a similar issue with V12 Klipper?

Relevant part where error occurred:
Received 82563.883140: b'{"id": 548100710656, "method": "gcode/script", "params": {"script": "G28 Z"}}'
Received 82699.686640: b'{"id": 548118722832, "method": "gcode/script", "params": {"script": "SDCARD_PRINT_FILE FILENAME=\\"LT-211 Holder v2-6X2_ASA_1h26m.gcode\\""}}'
Virtual sdcard (2027848): '1.039 Y138.262 E.00705\nG1 X130.933 Y138.297 E.00419\n;WIDTH:0.489308\nG1 X130.647 Y138.375 E.01015\n;WIDTH:0.452872\nG1 X130.361 Y138.452 E.00932\n;WIDTH:0.416436\nG1 X130.076 Y138.53 E.0085\n;WIDTH:0.379999\nG1 X129.27 Y138.883 E.02278\nG1 X128.737 Y139.242 E.01663\nG1 X128.247 Y139.694 E.01729\nG1 X128.028 Y139.963 E.00899\nG1 X128.028 Y136.605 E.08697\nG1 E-.35\nG1 X132.942 Y139.011 F36000\nG1 E.35 F1800\nG1 X132.732 Y138.915 E.006\nG1 X132.109 Y138.755 E.01666\nG1 X131.567 Y138.677 E.01418\nG1 X131.001 Y138.683 E.01465\nG1 X130.202 Y138.843 E.0211\nG1 X129.425 Y139.184 E.02197\nG1 X128.807 Y139.618 E.01956\nG1 X128.395 Y140.035 E.01518\nG1 X128.009 Y140.577 E.01723\nG1 X127.69 Y141.262 E.01955\nG1 X127.69 Y135.263 E.15534\nG1 X127.964 Y135.868 E.01719\nG1 X128.428 Y136.526 E.02084\nG1 X128.952 Y137.023 E.0187\nG1 X129.612 Y137.442 E.02024\nG1 X130.373 Y137.73 E.02109\nG1 X131.171 Y137.853 E.0209\nG1 X131.697 Y137.844 E.01363\nG1 X132.29 Y137.745 E.01557\nG1 X132.807 Y137.574 E.0141\nG1 X133.175 Y137.401 E.01053\nG1 X133.624 Y137.131 E.01358\n'
Upcoming (2028872): 'G1 X134.315 Y136.501 E.02422\nG1 X134.773 Y135.845 E.02072\nG1 X135.032 Y135.265 E.01646\nG1 X135.032 Y141.295 E.15618\nG1 X134.828 '
gcode state: absolute_coord=True absolute_extrude=False base_position=[0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 28974.996119994637] last_position=[134.315, 136.501, 3.2, 28976.086809994642] homing_position=[0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0] speed_factor=0.016666666666666666 extrude_factor=1.0 speed=30.0
Reactor garbage collection: (85807.142269577, 85745.690474743, 83633.459081187)
Timeout with MCU 'sb2040' (eventtime=85827.839128)
Stats 85827.8: gcodein=0 mcu: mcu_awake=0.066 mcu_task_avg=0.000006 mcu_task_stddev=0.000004 bytes_write=87287305 bytes_read=14815970 bytes_retransmit=1247 bytes_invalid=24 send_seq=1528148 receive_seq=1528145 retransmit_seq=1528148 srtt=0.000 rttvar=0.000 rto=3.200 ready_bytes=17 upcoming_bytes=20728 freq=180002134 host: mcu_awake=0.000 mcu_task_avg=0.000008 mcu_task_stddev=0.000019 bytes_write=139063 bytes_read=430025 bytes_retransmit=0 bytes_invalid=0 send_seq=23151 receive_seq=23151 retransmit_seq=0 srtt=0.000 rttvar=0.000 rto=0.025 ready_bytes=0 upcoming_bytes=0 freq=50006964 adj=50006395 sb2040: mcu_awake=0.014 mcu_task_avg=0.000011 mcu_task_stddev=0.000019 bytes_write=21478020 bytes_read=6550280 bytes_retransmit=1683 bytes_invalid=56 send_seq=419659 receive_seq=419654 retransmit_seq=419659 srtt=0.001 rttvar=0.001 rto=3.200 ready_bytes=578 upcoming_bytes=3558 freq=11999995 adj=11999886 sd_pos=2028872 Raspberry_Pi: temp=55.0 Fysetc_Spider: temp=57.1 toolhead: temp=84.4 heater_bed: target=120 temp=120.2 pwm=0.105 XZ: temp=64.9 sysload=0.03 cputime=5245.918 memavail=3436136 print_time=22696.609 buffer_time=2.182 print_stall=0 extruder: target=260 temp=260.1 pwm=0.403
MCU 'host' shutdown: Command request
clocksync state: mcu_freq=50000000 last_clock=1134656449428 clock_est=(85799.151 1133227126955 50006964.199) min_half_rtt=0.000051 min_rtt_time=84206.564 time_avg=85799.151(849.090) clock_avg=1133227126955.473(42460419015.981) pred_variance=8545829.653 clock_adj=(4.092 50006388.219)
Dumping serial stats: bytes_write=139069 bytes_read=430037 bytes_retransmit=0 bytes_invalid=0 send_seq=23152 receive_seq=23152 retransmit_seq=0 srtt=0.000 rttvar=0.000 rto=0.025 ready_bytes=0 upcoming_bytes=0
Log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HaY_nt7N2J9hYNvgnyD_CwZxr2nWSp05/view?usp=drive_link