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Is it normal for PT1000 to read slightly high at room temp?


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First time using a PT1000, so I don't know what to expect. I have a v1 rapido plus plugged into an sb2040 v1 with the jumper on and my settings:
sensor_pin: SB2040v1:TH0
sensor_type: PT1000 
pullup_resistor: 1000

The thermistor is reading about 5C higher than I expect at room temp. It makes me a little nervous to start the heater though, because I don't know if it just reads slightly high, or if the problem is logarithmic and setting the temp to 240 will cause it to go up to 500 or something.
Mine reads about 2.5C above my other thermistors that all agree very closely. Its been working fine for me for hundreds of hours.

I wish I could tell you something more definative but I think its just a feature of the SB2040
Hy there,
you have to plug it in the MAX31865 4 pin imput and set the jumpers for the number of pins , for the code you can see here:

The pins are set for the RPI2040 version, you have to adapt it for your can setup.