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Is more extruder stepper motor torque always better?


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That's my question. If you keep upping torque you will eventually just start grinding the filament, but is there a point before that where more torque is no longer better?

I'm currently running a Moons Nema14x17.4 mm, and it has a holding torque of 0.115 mNm, they also have a NEMA14x20.2 (longer), and this has a holding torque of 0.19 mNm. This is a 65% increase! But it's also a slightly heavier and slightly more expensive motor.
Does the additional torque have any advantages? Is there a point before filament grinding where it no longer makes sense to have more torque?

Currently I can hear the extruder on the CW2 clicking sometimes with very high PA values (flexibles), is the extruder going to perform better in these scenarios?

I would expect is has some advantages since the new Galileo 2 orbiter, which already has a very high transmission rate also runs a larger/heavier 20mm stepper.