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Stepper motor vibrating but not turning on


New member
I'm hoping someone can assist me with an issue I'm experiencing with my extruder. My printer isn’t new; I've been using it for over a year, logging more than 600 hours. Until now, it's been reliable, with no major changes made. Currently, I'm using the Stealthburner with the older LDO Afterburner PCB toolhead and an LDO stepper motor. The problem arose during a print when the stepper motor suddenly stopped pushing filament. It buzzes/vibrates but doesn’t move. Here is what I have done so far:

· I have checked the connections at the toolhead and all seem secure

· I have changed out the stepper motor with a known good one, but the issue persists.

· I have also replaced the toolhead PCB and the breakout board with known good ones, but still no luck.

Interestingly, when I connect the stepper motor directly to the octopus v1.1, it works fine, suggesting that the problem lies between the connection at the breakout board and the toolhead PCB. The symptoms suggest there might be an open somewhere, but I've checked for continuity, and everything seems fine. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Have you checked the entire cable for the extruder? Mine got worn out after about a year and a half. Got a break in one of the extruder wires in the x chain bend that caused similar behavior. It was intermittent and a little tricky to chase down at first.
Even with a positive continuity test I'd change the wiring, this behavior is consistent with a wire breakage. It doesn't need to be a full breakage, just enough wire strands broken will increase the cable's resistance and cause havoc.