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Question Issue with Z-Probe / Z-Endstop


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Printer Model
Voron 2.4r2 Pro Formbot
Extruder Type
Clockwork 2
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My Voron 2.4r2 is experiencing some print quality issues, specifically with layer stacking. I've already calibrated the E-steps, performed PID autotuning, and ensured the first layer is good. I've also calibrated the filament (heat, flow, pressure advance), and while it prints with an overall acceptable quality, it's not quite up to standard. I believe the issue lies with the Voron Tap. I've tried using the Chaoticalb CNC Tap v2, but the print head wobbles quite a bit, rendering it unusable. So, I printed the Tap myself, but encountered the same issue. I attempted to abandon the Tap and switch to Klicky. Without the Tap, the print head is rock solid. I printed and installed Klicky and the Z-endstop, but came across another peculiar issue: I can't reach the Z-endstop, my print head won't go past the print bed edge. At first, I thought the print bed was mounted too far back. I double-checked the manual and also noticed that when moving the print head to the front, the nozzle won't go further than the edge of the print bed. And yes, I'm talking about grabbing the tool head with my hand and pushing it; it's just physically impossible. I'm clueless about what I should do now or where I went wrong in the assembly. The Voron Tap is not an option, and the Z-endstop seems impossible. I don't have an inductive probe or BLTouch on hand, and they don't offer the precision of Klicky or Tap. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Mission abort! I solved it myself. Turns out the Formbot kit isn’t up to spec and the 300mm print bed is a bit wider than it should be, therefore the mentioned measure for the print bed mounting, inside the manual, doesn’t work. I had to mount the print bed further in the front and now the nozzle can reach the z endstop.