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It's time for smol printer! My "Amazin' " V0.2 Build Log


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Hi everyone! Welcome to my V0.2 Build Log. I'm more of a Discord guy, but I tend to talk a lot and I am really excited about this build so why not record it!

For background, I've owned a slightly modified and highly PITA Ender 3 Pro (currently inoperable) and my first Voron was VS.457. VS.457 is a Black and Orange Switchwire that I named "Whiplash". It's a WIP, but it's mine. And now I finally get to take the plunge and jump into the world of CoreXY with V0.2!

Now, about that Amazin' bit. The colors of my V0.2 are going to be Blue, a darker, more different blue, and Orange. If you're familiar with the New York Mets baseball team, you'll get where this is going :). The printer is also from the LDO V0-S1 kit and honestly it has been an amazing kit so I feel the name fits.

Please feel free to follow along and thanks for reading!


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Ok! Been a few days, but a lot done :)

Started building the frame and printing parts for the Kirigami bed from LDO! All rails are greased and ready to go, mounted and feel smooth.

It's not much right now but already loving the colors :)

Also I realized my countertop is not flat 😅