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Klicky Issues (V0.1)


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Hey guys. I'm having some issues with Klicky on my V0 and I'm very stumped, and can't seem to find a solution anywhere (I could just be dumb though).

Issue: Probe attaches and docks just fine manually with macros; it also will do the bed mesh just fine as well manually before heating the bed and hotend. When the probe is docked, it reads as triggered; when it is deployed, but not pressed it reads as open, and when pressed it reads as triggered.But when starting a print, and after heating, it will dock the probe and throw the error "Error evaluating 'gcode_macro _SetProbeState:gcode': gcode.CommandError: Probe attached failed!" Once the error occurs, the print cancels, and I am unable to manually dock the probe, and have to restart the printer, and move the probe back to the dock by hand.

Have checked: continuity of circuits is all good. crimps are solid. Otherwise I'm not sure where to go because I've not been able to find anything like this.

Board: BTT SKR Mini E3 V3

Print start macro: [gcode_macro PRINT_START]

# Use PRINT_START for the slicer starting script - please customize for your slicer of choice


M140 S120

{% set bedtemp = params.BED|int %}

M190 S{bedtemp}

G28 ; home all axes

TEMPERATURE_WAIT SENSOR="temperature_sensor chamber" MINIMUM=40

G90 ; absolute positioning

G1 Z20 F3000 ; move nozzle away from bed

{% set hotendtemp = params.EXTRUDER|int %}

M109 S{hotendtemp}

G4 S300




Pics of config for the probe settings in printer.cfg and the error attached; as well as the logs from right after several attempts at printing


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