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Solved Klicky probe variables


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Voron 2.4.r2 Rev.C LDO kit
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Clockwork 2
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Hi guys,

I was wondering if someone would shed some light on setting up the variables for the Klicky probe dock. The part in the manual regarding this is somehow rocketscience to me.
I have the dock on the left side of the printer. I can manually pickup and dock the probe by jogging the toolhead. I have found that the position X:0 and Y:345 is where this interaction takes place. However if i use these values the docking process fails. The toolhead wants to go out of bounds on X ( the macro does a -30 somewhere) .

I don't understand this part of the manual, and i believe this is why my variables are wrong. Perhaps someone can help me explain this bit.

2023-06-03 17_29_40-Klicky-Probe_Printers_Voron_v1.8_v2.4_Legacy_Trident at main · jlas1_Klick...png
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Figured it out! I had to also set the other variables down below.

#Dock move, final toolhead movement to release the probe on the dock
#it's a relative move
Variable_dockmove_x: 50
Variable_dockmove_y: 0
Variable_dockmove_z: 0

#Attach move. final toolhead movement to attach the probe on the mount
#it's a relative move
Variable_attachmove_x: 0
Variable_attachmove_y: 40
Variable_attachmove_z: 0