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Klicky probe

I'm having problems successfully configuring a klicky probe installed on a Trident.
From the Klicky Github page:

View attachment 2323

But if I set 'variable_enable_z_hop' to False, as the documentation suggests .... when homing Z it *RAISES* the bed the specified safe distance (into the nozzle!) rather than dropping the bed the safe distance away from the nozzle. What am I missing? When I set this parameter to True it behaves as I would expect. Is the documentation in error? Or am I missing something? As I have other issues with my setup that may be related. Many thanks for any help or suggestions.

Not sure, but it sounds like your motion is reversed maybe?
Just setup klicky for the first time. Everything is working awesome with 1 exception. If I home - it knows to attach the klicky, home, then dock klicky. If I do a z tilt - it knows to attach klicky and then dock klicky. It then almost immediately re-attaches klicky, homes z and then docks it again. That behaviour I can live with even though it's silly that it docks it and then re-attaches to home z. I understand it has to home z again after z tilt. It would just be nice if it knew that klicky was attached and homed z after the tilt then docked klicky. That's not my problem. When I run a bed mesh calibrate - it does not attach klicky. It immediately goes to the first probe point and errors out. I have the klicky bed mesh calibrate macro. I've searched it , replaced it. I can't get it to attach klicky when I do a bed mesh calibrate. Any idea's? PLEASE HELP. I'm in love with klicky except for this one deal breaker. Thank You so much for any assistance, ideas or advice. Jack
Ok, for some reason the klicky stuff is overwriting my PRINT_START macro. Here is my klippy log showing this. What is going on? Do I have to remove everything klicky or what? It did this yesterday, did a complete fresh installation and it's done it again.

[gcode_macro START_PRINT]
gcode =

{% set max_x = printer.configfile.config["stepper_x"]["position_max"]|float %}
{% set max_y = printer.configfile.config["stepper_y"]["position_max"]|float %}
{% set max_z = printer.configfile.config["stepper_z"]["position_max"]|float %}

{% if printer.toolhead.position.x < (max_x - 20) %}
{% set x_safe = 20.0 %}
{% else %}
{% set x_safe = -20.0 %}
{% endif %}

{% if printer.toolhead.position.y < (max_y - 20) %}
{% set y_safe = 20.0 %}
{% else %}
{% set y_safe = -20.0 %}
{% endif %}

{% if printer.toolhead.position.z < (max_z - 2) %}
{% set z_safe = 2.0 %}
{% else %}
{% set z_safe = max_z - printer.toolhead.position.z %}
{% endif %}


G92 E0
G1 E-4.0 F3600
G0 Z{z_safe} F3600
G0 X{x_safe} Y{y_safe} F20000

M104 S0
M140 S0
M106 S0
G0 X{max_x / 2} Y{max_y} F3600