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Klipper/Mainsail not changing temperatures on re-uploaded gcode files?

I was uploading a gcode file set for my ASA material.
It was sliced with 255 hotend temp and 110 bed temp.

After it was half through the print I noticed it was curling the prints on overhangs and decided to re-slice with lower temps at 240 / 105
I saved over the existing file. Deleted the one in my klipper/mainsail and uploaded the new one.

After the new one had been printing a little while I noticed that the temps was 255 / 110 again.

Did anyone else experience this?

P.S. YES..I am 100 percent certain that the new file is uploaded with different temps. I am also certain that I clicked the new file when starting it again since I deleted the old one first.
It just seems like it has any file with same name cached somehow..
Never heard of this before but I can tell you if you just upload it after making the changes it will overwrite the old file as long as the name is the same. No need to delete it ahead of time.
It might be your slicer "Material" or filament temp is set to the 255 / 110 and overriding the print set somehow.