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Question Klippy shutdown (moonraker logs included)

leo etchaas

Printer Model
voron 2.4 latest
Extruder Type
Clockwork 2
Cooling Type
Hi guys, I have a problem with my voron, each time I print it hangs and stops printing.

The web interface also becomes unavailable.

a picture here where the printer hangs : http://cloud.avilab.fr/index.php/s/22f6ngjmStfT8AP

the video of the fail happening is here :
and the problem is of course in the moonracker log, but I don't know how to read it.

You can find the moonraker logs here :

Here is the klipper logs :

Thanks for having a look at this, I am a bit lost in the void.

I guess this sounds bad, but what is the solution, is it a network problem ? Or is my Pi burning ? Or my SD card dying ?

2024-01-13 00:18:38,914 [announcements.py:_fetch_moonlight()] - Failed to update subscription 'moonraker': Timeout while connecting
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Hi, can you upload klippy.log? klippy log file you can download from Machine tab and there's a button for it.
Does it show any error on console? Or on web interface?
the error happens at 10:50 in the video, as you can see the video feeds stops and the temps are stuck at this time stamp
I use this printer professionaly, If somebody could need any money to help me develop the printer and print relyably with it...
I can pay someone ( 50 bucks ? ) to help me repair this is if someone is in need and is willing to spend time with me on the phone.
The logs that are usefull are here I think :