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LDO Voron 2.4 R2 kit rev.A 300x300x300


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I have build a LDO Voron kit, and now i am building the printer. I have already started, but i will also place some photo's of the build.


20230805_143718 (1).jpg
Printing the parts on mine Creality CR-10 V2, which is 20230815_092304.jpgmodded on many ways.
Added new motherboard BTT SKR 3 EZ, Peiplate, new extruder Hemera, and a lot of other things.
A little update of the build.
Great kit, everthing fit's and looks great, al the bolts and nuts are black, it looks better in the frame.
The most parts are now assembled, and i think i can power on the machine.
Looks great! Was your cr-10 enclosed or open when printing your parts? I have a Neptune 4+ and worried I'm going to waste a bunch of filament.