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LGX for Stealthburner

Here's a speedrun of the process. Since you already have it in GitHub it should be pretty easy.

And some helpful info on Discord:

DO check what mods already exist and ensure your mod doesn't do the same thing as some other m
DO print out and install your mod to test it
DO create a directory for your mod under your own name, e.g. printer_mods/KiloQubit/some_mod/
DO have no spaces in file names or directory names (e.g. Fusion 360 exports CAD files with a space before the version)
DO add your mod to printer_mods/README.md in alphabetical order
DO have a README.md in your mod directory that describes the mod, and preferably includes pictures and any assembly instructions, as well as the BOM
DO upload the pictures for your README to your mod directory and reference them from there, don't just drag the images into your README in the web interface.
DO use English for all text, file names, and directory names
DO PROOFREAD and CHECK SPELLING on your text, and fix any grammatical errors and typos
DO put your STLs in a printable orientation - they must be printable as is, without slicer supports
DO respond to the pull request review and make the requested changes
DO NOT upload your mod as a zip or other archive file
DO NOT open a pull request against other users' forks or modify other users' directories without getting their permission first
DO NOT submit mods that are NOT GPLv3, they WILL NOT be merged
Thank you.
I already read the Discord info. It is the speedrun that I was missing.
I hope my contribution can help.