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Light weight Gantry and quality parts invintory.


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I wanted to put a thread together with light weight and quality parts, more for Gantry and hotend but anything that improves overall performance can be listed.
Things we can look at,

1.HARDWARE, like Titanium or Aluminum Bolts and nuts.
Need to list quantity's.
8 - M5x40
8 - M5 washers
6 - M5 Dez nutz
4 - M5x16
4 - M5x10
16 - M3x8

Monster Ti hardware about $20 for 10 bolts
Wanyifabolt, good selection with my quantity's its about $100

2.EXTRUSION, like Carbon Fiber, Aluminum, Titanium, CF rods, other?
Ali generic? Aluminum 2020 Quality?
Fysetc Aluminum 2020 Quality?
Swiss made permiumbasics Aluminum 2020 Quality? Not released for another month but looks promising.

3.PRINTED PARTS, like swapped out, less infill, new design.
Funssor Ali express Aluminum gantry parts R1 and R2 Quality?
Chaoticlab, Alum parts and some CF I have the Z axis tensioners and they are nice but I don't have them installed.

TAP is great, but what is the best option if going for light weight?

Any other suggestions are welcome and discussions can be open. There does not seem to be a ton of information on this but we can try and add it here and if any links are provided I will try and add them to this first post.

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I'm not against going super lightweight but I will contribute a few things from seeing other people's problems:
1. The differential thermal expansion that is seen with the aluminum extrusion and the steel linear rail is doubled or tripled when there is less aluminum mass.
2. The hyper-skeletonized X rails are not very strong. I have seen a video with someone able to literally crumple one up without much effort. I'm sure they work right up until there is a head crash.
3. Aluminum parts are typically heaver than printed parts unless they have specifically modified to reduce weight.
4. Titanium hardware is a minimal change unless chasing the last few grams.
I too would like to know of aluminum cnc sources besides funssor and chaoticlabs for AB mounts and xy joints on my trident. I have always liked the vz printer's xy mounts!

for lightweight toolhead, i would think dirtybird (-200g) or xol (-??g) would be the way to go.

to 120dB point:
3) aluminum parts using the same printed parts dwgs will of course be heavier, were talking about specifically designed aluminum parts here. plus on my trident, motor mount weight doesnt even matter. also, TAP adds ~50g and that was expressed as negligible, would the same be true to xy joints if they added 50g total over the printed parts?
I agree with you on all accounts but I will play devils advocate and input what I have seen between other forums and Facebook.
Most of the Carbon Fiber extrusions use cheap or non high temp resin. Why is this and maybe we have to take this into our own hands or contact a company and do a request build.

Maybe I don't understand by why make these Aluminum rails so skeletonized? Keep a little material and it will can still be lighter then 2020.

As far as the Aluminum parts instead of printed, yeah, I don't really get this as I have not seen anyone make them trimmed down, at least not for Vorons. Maybe we need to look at what Vzbot is doing?

Ti is pretty dam expensive but if I learned anything building fast cars, every little bit adds up. You just have to decided if it is worth it for your pocket book 🤑