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XOL Versus (stock) CW2/ SB


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Anyone have familiarity with https://github.com/Armchair-Engineering/Xol-Toolhead? It claims to be substantially higher than the stock XW2/ SB at ~250g. I have a pretty light setup - using a Voron Revo and aluminum and titanium screws with an SB2040 that clocks in at 397g (I think 430g is what is quoted for stock). I feel like that 250g claim has to be leaving something out since an orbiter V2 is 135g on its own.

I did experience print quality improvements by making my tool head lighter - when going from AB to SB, and going from a Dragon to Voron Revo. If I could somehow remove an extra ~150g from the toolhead that would probably make a difference.

If anyone has tried it out, please let me know. Super interested in overall weight. Also the pros/ cons. Before/ after prints or IS graphs would be extra nice.
Very impressive - I take it the older IS graphs are SB/ before and the 10-month-old (newer) ones are XOL? If so, the peaks increased in frequency and became sharper (and even Y recommended ZV).

I realized that to go ultra-low weight I would want a mini-sherpa instead of an orbiter. I downloaded all the .STLs and even with some support, the total tool head print was supposed to be ~40 g of ABS. I probably want to use something a tad stronger/ more rigid like PC-CF which also would be a little lighter. So I'm now thinking 250g might be reasonable.