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Question Looking For a Source For 3mm dia PT100 Class A 4 Wire Thermocouple Temperature Sensor


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I'm building a Sealthburner for my V2.4R2. EBB36 which includes the Max31865. I'm using the Dragon HF hotend with a 3mm hole for thermocouple. For those of you with this setup, what and where did you purchase the thermocouple? I can find PT1000, but am having a problem finding somewhere to purchase the PT100 3 or 4 wire unit in 3mm diameter in the US. Thanks...
For anyone looking to use a PT100, here is a good source of information. LINK

I'm still on the hunt for a source of the thermocouple here in the US. I can find sources in Europe and China, but shipping is as much or more than the cost of the thermocouple, not to mention the lead time.